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Production quantities as well as performance indicators updated in real time

Information about the status of your devices available to supporters from anywhere

Obliczone OEE z rozbiciem na A - Availability(Dostępność), P - Performance (Wydajność ) i Q - Quality(Jakość) wraz z perto przestojów planowanych i nieplanowanych
Wizualizacja przedstawia aktualny status parku maszynowego / stanowisk roboczych.

Impressively easy and amazingly fast.

Zwiększ wydajność swojej produkcji.


OEE system

Zastosowanie czujnika z podstawą magnetyczną umożliwia szybki montaż


Quick installation that does not require stopping the machine for hours

The system of sensors and signals enable quick and efficient installation and the user can use the system immediately.

Dbamy o Twój czas dlatego udoskonaliliśmy instalacje do perfekcji.

The module with the help of which we are able to collect data from any production station, regardless of whether they are new or old machines, or completely manual stations.


Its multipurpose character will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers, as confirmed by tests in extreme production conditions.

Data acquisition module

Moduł jest wstanie zbierać dane charakterystyk specjalnych, krytycznych dla klientów takie jak temperatura, ciśnienie czy wilgotność.
Dane przechowywane na serwerach lokalnych lub zewnętrznych w zależności od potrzeb.


Supporting data


Using the LCD, the operator can efficiently provide reasons for downtime as well as report on defective and corrected pieces.


In addition, the data entered regarding variant, order number and operator can be easily viewed in available reports.

Panel LCD wyświetla aktulany status maszyny jak również umożliwia sprawdzenie ilości części wyprodukowanych , wadliwych oraz poprawionych.
Uniwersalność rozwiązania

Versatile modularity

Porpose of modularity it to speed up the ability to enter data for customers for whom every production second is important....

The versatility of the system makes it possible to connect devices such as 1D/2D code scanners, card readers, current modules and many others.

Dbamy o Twój czas dlatego udoskonaliliśmy instalacje do perfekcji.



Example implementations:



  • Tool replacement prediction module
  • Energy consumption monitoring system


  • Online preview of machine park statuses
  • Viewing of process parameters - Temperature and pressure


  • Real-time measurement of OEE indicators
  • Live Pareto of downtime
  • Summary of changeover times
  • Failure reporting


  • Machine utilization rates
  • Number and types of details being corrected


  • Real-time measurement of OEE indicators
  • Performance measurement by operator and production shifts
  • Automatic sending of reports with realization of OEE and quantity of produced production parts


  • Failure prediction - Monitoring of refrigerant pressure in the compressor system with simultaneous measurement of current


  • OEE indicator monitoring
  • Production downtime register


Sharing experiences is one of our key aspects and is the basis for excellent cooperation with customers.

Our industry partners who have established cooperation with us use the fastest solutions in the market for data collection and analysis.

Improve product quality with faster response to non-compliance reports and the ability to view current and historical parameter values.


By using the norming module, your employees will not have to waste hours to measure the times of all production variants.

You will gain full control over your production with the ability to view current results from a computer or even a watch causing employees to be more involved in the current situation on the production line.

You will ensure transparency and reproducibility of work at all production sites by being able to choose the best standard of work in terms of safety, quality and efficiency.

With the Pareto principle, you will focus resources on the activities that will yield the greatest savings.

You will increase the productivity and efficiency of your plant with the information collected and processed, which will identify areas with a real need for improvement.






Tools defined based on 18 years of experience in production optimization

Why is it worth it?

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